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	This one came only to me, and I think it was meant for the list,
since it was a response to the post there. I only got a couple of responses
to this, though. Anyone else care to pitch in and give us an idea of
general consumption in your area of the world. Also, how many people in
your household?

	I think this is fairly critical, in designing new homes, because I
keep seeing in places like Real Goods and Home Power Magazine that people
live on fairly tight energy budgets, even when they're generating their own
power. Granted, solar cells are still expensive, and battery-banks are,
too. But trying to get a stereotypical/"normal" family to consider moving
off-grid when it cuts into their available power for TV viewing, etc.,
would be a hard-sell.

	So it would seem that we need to make sure there's MORE than enough
power to meet their needs. Enough, in fact, to sell back to the power
companies, so they can make money at the end of the month. 

	Speaking of selling power: California has just (as of Jan 1st)
deregulated our power industry. Aside from giving us a 10% decrease in our
monthly rates (can you guess that we were being overcharged?) it also opens
up the industry to national competition. Now we have the option of buying
from suppliers anywhere in the US, who may have lower rates, or use
alternative/"green" power generation methods, etc. 

	All-in-all... It looks pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see
what other changes the competition brings.


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We use 22-25 kwh per day. This is the average over the previous 12 months.

We also have gas water and heat. It's really hard to gauge a daily amount for
the gas because the heat is used October thru March, and the rest of the year,
the bill is less than $10. In the fall and winter, we average about 3.5 therms
per day. We also use wood heat to off set the gas.

We live in the Puget Sound, Washington area where it rains 12 months a year,
and we get 2 weeks below 30 degrees and about 2 weeks over 80 degrees. There
are 2 adults and four children. We have a computer, washer/dryer, microwave,
tv/vcr, etc.

 We have a deep cycle battery w/Heart Interface invertor set-up for backup
power, which came in handy last year January when the power was out for 8
days. Can you guess where all the neighbors did their cooking??? It served as
a great opportunity to share our ideas for alternative energy and living.

Who's next?????


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