Solar-cell shingles

Real Goods has just announced a VERY cool product in their latest
Renewables catalog. It's a solar cell "shingle" for your roof. 

The shingle is the same size as normal tarpaper shingles, has the same
dimensions (about 7' long, with about 5.5" exposed surface after
overlapping), uses the same install methods (roofing nails, etc), and the
shingle strips have lead-wires that go into your attic, where they are
wired in serial & parallel to increase voltage & wattage to match your
needs. All inside, where it's nice and dry.

	This means that you can turn the entire top of your house into a
great big solar panel, or just a part of it, depending on how much power
you need. 

	This is a cool step forward, since it meshes so well with the
existing construction methods. In fact, it would probably go well with the
domes designed by Oregon Dome. (Nathan, you might want to contact them to
find out more info...)

	Of course, solar cells are still pricey, and still coming down in
price. I think these are introduced at about $149 per 7' shingle-strip. The
nice thing is, they'll pay for themselves over time, whereas tarpaper
won't. :-)

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