Hi, all...
	I just got a Zometool 5 kit from my girlfriend for Christmas, and
it's amazingly cool. :-)

	I was just scanning through the back issues of the list, and see
people were discussing them almost exactly a year ago. (Right after
Christmas....A-yup....) For those who haven't seen them, check out
http://www.zometool.com/ for some nifty graphics. 

	You can get Zometool 3 and Zometool 5 (121 and 242 pieces,
respectively) from the BFI as well, but if you go to Zometool's website,
you can get pieces in the 400-900-1400 range, as well as specific struts or
hubs as add-ons.

	With the Zometool 5 kit, I've built a dome about 2.5' or 3' in
diameter, and am playing around with some modified dome structures. I'm
also eyeing up those expander-kits so I can build larger structures...


	Happy New Year, all! 

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		 Patrick G. Salsbury <salsbury at sculptors dot com>
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