Re: Composting toilets

> Beth wrote:
>   We are looking into having composting toilets in our home. Our concern is
> that all the ones we've received brochures for have a body count limit that is
> too low. We have 2 adults and 4 children with the possibility of more children
> in the future. Most of the composting toilets are for a max of four people for
> regular usage.
> Anyone have experience with these? How can we get around the load problem? We
> would have two of the toilets, so I was wondering if that would nullify the
> problem?


We have been using a Clivus-Multrum composting toilet in our dome
since 1975.  We had the first residential unit in Minnesota and helped
change the plumbing codes to accomodate alternative waste handling
systems. Since that time, we have designed many of our domes with 
single or multiple composting toilets.  We have one of our double
dome designs near Lyons, CO with 3 separate composting units.

Our unit has served us well,  besides providing a great conversation 
item for guests.  No odor, no real service problems.  We were a 
family of 5 with the unit serving our small office staff and walk-in

Clivus-Multrum has some of the largest units.  We recently designed
an office dome with Clivus toilets on 2 floors, with the composter in
lower level. Of course, the two separate toilet chutes have to be lined 
up side by side. 

Following are some sources:

Clivus Multrum
1 Eliot Square
Cambridge, MA  02138

3400 International Way
Fairbanks, AK  99701

Suite 4B
Damonmill Square
Concord, MA

Envirolet by
140-30 Milner Ave
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada  M1S 3R3
800-387-5126 (from USA)

Hope this list helps you.
Dennis Odin Johnson

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