Re: Arcology

This post "froze" in "Ice'98" (ice storm- national event, one of ElNinio's
tidal waves mixed with Arctic chill factors)...... I had to stretch my
battery energy (surplus industrial/ telephone type). Finally bought 120
watts of solar panels! (The utility power was just restored, over two weeks
later).  The trees , here in Maine are the sad story. They graoned for 50
hours punctuated with crashing branches, loud as gun fire, the days were
darkened with sudden loss of familiar, artificial light. The electrical
utility failures are a  sobering reality to consider in power politics. 

Thanks for your Arcosanti post. It touches on allot of shared interests.
As another struggling sculptor, out here, i share your dreams, but...
While less expecting a materialistic fulfillment of dreams, i more
experience a sustaining fulfillfillment of principle.   It's tricky to
balance principle and materialism. Being an idealist, i flaunt rampant
commercialism, and suffer the consequent, image problem. As a small town
contractor/ sculptor, few will take my visions seriously. (It's hard to
compete with the dominant visions, like WallMart's). "Sculptural Solar" is
a hard sell, even in Maine, this pristine edge of suburbia!

My self-satisfying arc metaphor is based closer to a ship wrecked on an
isolated island. (Isolated, just as: much artistic creativity is isolated).
 After 25 years of consistent effort, and mortgage-free, the material
question is still tricky. ;)  Many of the material needs are improvised and
substituted here. Persistence is required for mundane things like fixing
tools and upgrading the hot water or chopping wood. Friends and neighbors
wonder at the piles of junk. Yet they nod politely. The beauty is not
having to drive excessively, (like most fellow Americans do), and really
getting close to a house and garden, appreciating terra firma; postulating
that commercial driven lifestyles were the wreck, the ruin, the
"devolition" (de- evolution, backward evolution, as in power-trip politics,
heh-heh  ;).

Ciao for now,  
Bo  @kinson          

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