Re: Pat & Stacie build a dome!

At 01:23 AM 7/1/98 EDT, you wrote:
>what type of emergency dome shelter? is this something you came up with on
>your own ? andwill you have a set of plans for sale later on?
	It's a design we worked on in college, originally, and which I've been
refining ever since. I'm hoping to have not just plans available, but
eventually I'd like to see Reality Sculptors have mass-produced (by the
tens or hundreds of thousands) domes that we can air-drop by parachute into
disaster areas along with "survival packs" including things like water
purifiers, hand-crank radios, small solar cells, canned heat or
mini-stoves, etc. 
	All of this stuff is available now. The only thing needed is integration,
and delivery. 

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