The Corrulite is in!

	I got the sheets of Corrulite yesterday, so we now have the materials to
build a scale model of a dome/emergency shelter. I figure we probably have
enough material to make a dome approximately 12' in diameter, if we cut the
material carefully. 
	This could either be full-scale, half-scale, or 1/3 scale, roughly. (The
pieces I have are 1/3 sheets of the full-sized standard stock sheets, and
they can even do larger precuts in the factory. 

	I'm probably going to have a dome-building party at the house soon, to
help defray the job of cutting lots of pieces across several people, so no
one gets bored (or blisters). 

	If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in this,
and I haven't already mailed you directly on this, please mail me. I'm sure
I forgot a couple of folks... 

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