Re(2): The Corrulite is in!

domesteading at sculptors dot com writes:
>	I hadn't seen those before, and am unable to view the
> images. (Says they're not a recognized BMP format after
> netscape decodes the HQX compression.) But the picture of
> his dome looks very cool! 

I'll take another look at those files; maybe it would be best to save them
as JPEGs or even TIFFs... something more universal.
> That page is great, and I'm glad to see all the other
> dome pics. I was surprised to see my raytrace on there.
> That's very cool! 

That's what I said to myself when I saw the ray-trace :-)

>	Once I build a proper page for the dome-greenhouse
> pictures, I'll post a URL and you're welcome to add that
> (and this forthcoming Corrulite dome) to your archive.

Great. I'm looking forward to seeing them.


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