Re: Homelessness in America

The Habitat for Humanity folks have been pretty reticent to try domes. 
Our experience has been that no matter how we try to get involved, they
want to do square after square after square....

Cat wrote:
> Talk as if we don't try to help the homeless...
> What about the thousand(s) of Habitat for Humanity
> people across this country?  They build houses every
> day.  What bothers me about them is that they continue
> to build "traditional" housing which is ineffective
> in using energy efficiently.  Why haven't they
> begun building domes, installing geothermal heat/ac,
> worked with the home "owners" to teach permaculture
> so they reduce their limited monetary expenditures?
> We don't seem to learn - we use the same old techniques
> to solve current problems, thereby exacerbating the
> situation.  But don't say we DON'T try - we do!
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