Re: Domes as "Poor Person's Housing"

>Cat writes:
>>...yet it didn't happen.  Why?  Same reason...
>>we like what we like and what we're used to!
>Well, force of habit is admittedly a powerful force... but there are notable exceptions around us, too. CD's, to name one.
>Saying that it's the way it is because of force of habit is a bit like saying God made it that way... it sort of begs the question. If it's true,
>it just means we have to ask a different question: what would make people
>unconsciously change their habits... or what could we do about the
>situation that would make people adopt a new way BECAUSE it seems more
>familiar to them in some manner...?
The point I referred to as old habits is the reference
that domes MIGHT be viewed as "poor people's housing."
My answer was that domes wouldn't be considered "poor"
housing, but that we build homeless rectagular
housing BECAUSE it is familiar!  How will you make
anyone believe domes are familiar when they,
obviously, are not?  But I think we have exhausted
this line for the time.  My only suggestion would be
that as a group, we should contact the national
headquarters of Habitat for Humanity and ask them WHY
they do not erect economical, energy-efficient housing
such as point asking local or regional
units of HfH - they take their lead from their


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