Re: Domes as "Poor Person's Housing"

>When we built a new (traditional) home 5 years ago Pat tried to convince us that we should look into domes.  We didn't. (Now I wish we did.)  We didn't consider them because we weren't familiar with them.  We didn't know how reliable the construction was (leaks, etc.) In fact, I didn't even put in skylights in our new home because of their reputation for leaking!  We wanted a home to "retire" in with very low maintenance.
>One suggestion that I gave to Pat when he mentioned building autonomous domes may seem a little "far out" but it's worth thinking about: We tend to buy what we are familiar with. I suggested that he consider a
>line domes for children - either dollhouses or play houses.  Make play houses out of this corrulite material that could be assembled and disassembled easily, packed in a nylon stuff sack and carried to Grandma's house or to the neighbor's back yard.  They would be lightweight and colorful.  And people would see them and become familiar with the design.
>As for the doll houses - they could be modular.  That way people would see the advantages of that design concept.  And they just might begin to think
>that this might work on a larger scale.
>(Patrick's Mom)

That's a nice idea Emilie, but I stick by what was
said about habit and rectangular homes.  I know when
my first child was born and I wanted to get a dog,
I went out and researched what breeds of dogs were
best suited to small children and then settled on one
I liked - a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Most people who
have children "sucker buy" a dog at a pet shop or
pick one from the pound that looks cute.  Not the best
way to introduce children to a dog - a creature that
can live from 10-15 years (or more) and become one of
the point in this tale (pun intended) is
that the majority of people don't want to do research.
We (generally speaking here) are lazy and fall back
on habit more often than we should - because it's


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