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On Fri, 24 Jul 1998 10:34:29   Michael Rowland wrote:
>Ken Brown writes:
>> A line of kits sounds like a way to bring
>> creativity to people so they can look at
>> the model when done and say "I built that."
>I like this idea a lot. There are so many "Design Your Own Home" kits and
>software programs out there that don't lend themselves to domebuilding...
>they perpetuate the square box paradigm.
>I would buy a model kit, myself, if it would allow me to visualize stages
>involved in building a dome house... how the parts and angles fit
>together. (I'm picturing a styrene or balsa kit that would make it easy
>for a beginner to start building one.)
The best grouping of companies that sell model (some
are noted as "toys") dome kits happen to be on
the web site:

Thanks for the information on this - I'll definitely be one to take a look.

I know this is going to sound like nitpicking, but for those that are providing URLs, could you please make sure they are fully defined?  For those of us using HTML based mail readers (like Netscape Communicator), fully defined URLs are clickable in the mail reader and are easier to deal with.  Since the above URL doesn't have "http://" in front of it, I had to go through extra work to view it.  It would be nice if everyone could fully define their URLs when sending them out.  Many thanks....


His site has a great deal of information besides
the above-noted section.  I highly recommend visiting


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