Re(2): Re(2): Domes as "Poor Person's Housing"

Cat writes:
> The best grouping of companies that sell model (some
> are noted as "toys") dome kits happen to be on
> the web site:

I was talking about, specifically, a kit for building a model of a
house... with pre-formed architectural members and elements. (There are a
lot of fun toys and kits mentioned in the list on Michael's site --
Michael served, by the way, as the previous moderator of the DomeHome
Email List -- but none I was able to chase down had this particular thrust
in mind.)

In the context of Emilie's post (sorry, I just couldn't resist working
that pun in there, even at the risk of being *impolite*), a kit
manufactured with this purpose would help people move past the idea of
"geodesics as intellectual toys" toward the idea of "geodesics as a more
efficient and aesthetically pleasing way of building a house." I know that
kits for building models of right-angle houses already exist, sold as aids
for do-it-yourselfers.

It could start out very simply, as scale models of popular dome kits
available from manufacturers like Oregon Domes. Pre-fab kit-home kits (if
that's not a redundant phrase) could let the prospective builder
"practice" building a dome house from the ground up (or down...), with
pre-formed 2x6 trusses and riser wall studs; layers of "insulation";
inside and outside panels, etc.From there, you could branch into kits that
would allow prospective builders to think in 3D and come up with their own
variations in geodesic house design. The kits could consist of vacu-formed
styrene; some textured like shingles; clear ones like skylights, complete
with framing; riser walls; doors; chimneys and roof vents; deck parts;
paneling; landscaping pieces ...etc.

To do this up right, the pieces would come in a hexagonal box.

The cost for setting up a vacuforming operation is ridiculously low. You
don't have to build molds as with injection molding -- just surface models
that can be used over and over.

You can make these to the proper scale so that when it's finished you can
have a dome doll house that Malibu Barbie can trade up to, from her
squaresville beach house.

Model-building is an unparalleled tool for communicating and crystallizing
concepts. I wouldn't think of building anything as complicated and
potentially expensive as a house, especially one that departs from
familiar "standard" design, without first building a model.

So, how many orders shall I put you all down for? :-)


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