Letter from Portland, Oregon

Pat et al., this letter came in to the DomeHome email list today. I've
replied to the sender, and told him I would forward his letter to you all
at the DomeSteading List because of its relevance to your recent message

Could this be an opportunity to present our case for "more-with-less"
housing to a party who will listen?



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I work at a shelter and clinic for homeless and low-income people 
located in Portland, Oregon called Outside In.  Outside In has existed 
for thirty years in a group of modest restored old houses.  In the next 
few years, the agency would like to tear down several of the houses and 
build one new larger building.

I am also an enthusiast for the work of Buckminster Fuller.  I mentioned 
to Kathy Oliver, the executive director of Outside In, that a dome might 
be a good option for the new building.  She said if I could present her 
with any information she would be glad to review it.

Here is a quote from "The Orgegonian," July 16 1998 about what is needed 
from the new building: "[T]he plan is to build a three-story building of 
about 20,000 square feet at a cost of no more than $3 million [.]"

If any dome contractors can meet this need at this cost or less, please 
send me printed information at the following address:

Trevor Blake c/o
1236 SW Salmon
Portland OR 97205 USA

I unfortunately cannot guarantee anything beyond a personal note of 
thanks from myself, but I do hope that I can find a dome contractor / 
manufacturer that can meet the agency's needs.  Here's to good luck for 
us all!  Please feel free to reproduce and distribute this message as 
you see fit.

- Trevor

Outside In - Since 1968 - osipdx at hotmail dot com

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