Re: Dome Costs


hanks alot for the lead.  I will investigate

At 05:50 PM 7/27/98 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>Natural Spaces includes in their Price List booklet some estimated
>costs based on quality and owner involvement levels.  You should be
>able to get a copy of this by email or a phone call:
>sales at naturalspacesdomes dot com
>   or
>Size *IS* a big factor -- a larger dome will cost more in total but
>the cost / square foot will drop.  (I imagine there is a point of
>diminishing returns.)  Number of rooms can also make a
>For me, I was specifically interested in staying with a smaller
>structure with a very open floor plan.  I put my priority (and money)
>into bringing in lots of light and the outdoors through skylights and
>windows.  They account for almost 15% of my budget. 

I am interested in very open and bright floorplans as well!! 
Any chance of a photograph of your house appearing on the
web anytime soon?



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