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<< Does anyone out there have a rule of thumb
 on how to tell, how much domes cost?  Right
 now I have  >>

      The earthcontact 32' dome that I built cost me $6000 or about $8/s.f..
This did not include the material cost of a second floor or slab cost.  The
basic material cost of a weathertight 24' dome that I built was $3000 or about
$8/s.f.  Both cost did not include the 2nd floor which if included would raise
the total cost but decrease the square footage cost.  These cost are based on
the owner builder doing most of the labor.  The labor cost for the 32' dome
was limited to 3 hours of bobcat work at around $65/hour and unskilled labor
cost for the application of sheathing of $175.  
      Except for the labor, both domes were built using credit card financing.
Within 30 days of the end of construction, both domes were paid off.  To
finish off the interior , I picked up a sinks, toilets, refrigerator, and
stove, either off the curb or from projects where people were getting new
kitchens or new bathrooms.  People have tendencies to throw away perfectly
good cast iron fixtures or appliances that are simply out of fashion.  Moving
sales are also a good place to look.  I bought an Amana double door
refrigerator in perfect condition for $50.  

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