Composting suggestion

A thought came to me (yeah, the lightbulb goes on
once in awhile!) about contaminants in the compost.
I've spent a great deal of time researching mushroom
species - I LOVE to eat them, and there's a decent
market out there for specialty species.  Now, Fungi
Perfecti's Paul Stamets has a fantastic website with
a page noting "Permaculture with a Mycological
Twist."  Some mushrooms "absorb" contaminants from
their growing substrate, which would make the
"exhausted" compost "clean."  Just a thought I wanted
to share...

>Composting is the real issue here, and it's an entire issue unto itself. At the time my wife and I started out, I was working as a printing press operator, so I found out a few things about inks. We wanted to use
>newspapers as mulch in our garden, but we found that with more and more newspapers including colored inks and supplements using coated papers, it was becoming harder and harder to keep stuff like this (that we consider "contaminants") out of our food chain. We sought out grass clippings from our neighbors and co-workers -- they produce tremendous quantities --
>until we found out how many of them routinely and indiscriminately flood their lawns with herbicides and unbalanced fertilizers.
>There's just no way you can deal with issues like these "once and for all" without having to think about them constantly.
>BTW, we opted not to build a composting toilet, considering it beyond our limited means at the time, and made do with an outhouse. (Sorry -- do the
>scatalogical references never end?) As outhouses go, it was a NICE outhouse, with a brick floor and one entire wall made of glass bricks -- but we definitely want a composting toilet for our next venture.

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