Re(2): Composting suggestion

domesteading at sculptors dot com writes:
>Oyster mushrooms can be grown on a wide variety of coffee wastes,
>producing commercial crops, destroying the majority of the caffeine in
>the process, and rendering the substrate into secondary products. 

I've read about using coffee grounds as a growing medium for edible
mushrooms. I'm very interested in growing shiitake mushrooms as a cash
crop (as well as a dietary staple), since I can grow them without cutting
down the trees on the property. Oyster mushrooms would be good, too.

What I need is a systematic way to approach mushroom culture using coffee
grounds... and planting schedule that I can adhere to. I need to know
things like how to ensure that wild spores don't contaminate my growth
medium... how to continually add new grounds while harvesting; how to
build my facility to make day-to-day culture as easy and productive as
possible. Stuff like that. Maybe this is what Paul talks about on his
website under "technology." (I plan to spend a considerable amount of time
looking at this website....)


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