AC or DC?

As alluded to in my last post, I've been thinking about home power, and am
starting to wonder about putting DC in addition to, or perhaps just in
place of, AC power in homes. 

AC is used because you can transmit it over long distances, but if we're
generating it on-board, then it only has to go about 50' across the house. 

AC is more dangerous than DC, with higher voltages, and more risk of shock.

Most electronics run off of DC, although many have built-in transformers
and are thus "expecting" AC as a feedstock.

DC lights are (I think) more energy efficient. I'd have to check up on
this, though. 

Solar cells and fuel cells both generate electricity in DC, and batteries
store (and release) it in DC. Most off-the-grid homes have an "Inverter" to
convert it back from DC to AC (at some loss in energy) in order to run
it through 50' of wire to a device "expecting" AC, which then converts it
back into DC (at another loss in energy) for the actual device to
use. (Weird, huh?)

	So, how should we approach the issue? I think it makes excellent
sense to at least offer both (and perhaps two differen DC channels, 12V and
24V, although that might get confusing), but the AC seems like a necessary
evil right now, due to the existing infrastructure and products out

	There are a lot of DC-ready appliances available through places
like Real Goods, Jade Mountain, and Home Power Magazine, but it's not so 
common that you'll find at the local drugstore. 

	Ideas? Thoughts? Opinions?

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