Re: AC or DC?

    I lived off-grid for about 16-17 years, a good share of that time was
with primarily kerosene lights and 12v radio, then wired the house with
12ga wire and ran a 12v system from batteries and a 12v car alternator on
a small B&S engine, then added a 3500watt 110v generator.
    It's a fallacy that AC is more dangerous, actually DC is -- it
doesn't "let go" and 12v at high amperage has killed cows in milking
parlors. 110v AC isn't really much - I used to be an apprentice
electrician, got hit with 110v every day just about (we had to service
lights in a car factory at night -- all live, couldn't shut down the
    While there are 12v tools, they are really far and few between - and
quite expensive, compared to 110v stuff. The state of the art in DC-AC
inverters is such that you'd be far better off, except for maybe
lighting, to buy a good 24v, 1000-2000watt inverter. That's what I'm
doing in my semi-trailer cum mobile home. One system of 12v lights --
taillight bulbs put out an amazing amount of light, and those little 12v
halogen lights you can buy at K-mart or Target and cut off the 110v
transformer are great. Those run off a 24v battery bank which gets
charged by a 24v 200amp surplus aircraft generator running off the semi
engine plus solar cells. Then I'll put a inverter in to run the shop
tools, printing presses, darkroom, etc.

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