Corrugated polyproplene

Hey! I was just digging through some of my old books, and found a couple of
old volumes of the Thomas Register of Manufacturers, that I've been keeping
around for several years. I was actually getting ready to chuck them when I
remembered why I had 'em: Listings of plastics and cardboard

So as I'm flipping through, I opened up to a page for the United States
Corrulite Corporation, makers of corrugated plastic materials. (That same
stuff we were talking about last fall that looks like cardboard, but is
made of plastic...

Here's a bit from Andrew Hoschke's post last November:

-Apparently this material can be welded at low temperatures, is
-relatively inert except to Chlorides and Copper sulphate, can be riveted
-and sealed by most commercial silicon sealers. It also comes in many
-colours including translucent allowing up to 95% of light through. It is
-used here in glass houses as it is also a good insulator. Apparently
-they also make structural elements out of the stuff.

I've just called 'em for their latest catalog. If anyone else is
interested, their info is:

United States Corrulite Corporation
Fax: 1-800-521-2750

	There are hundreds of others in here. I'm going to dig some more
and see what else I can find...

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