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When I worked for Bill Moss, we designed a folding radial dome using
corrugated plastic or cardboard- we went as far as to have a die
designed for extruding the panel connectors, and made a few prototype
domes. We had some cardboard custom-made with the flutes running
lengthwise for that project. He did a bunch of collapsible structure
designs using HDPE, with the emphasis on transportable, cheap
disaster-housing.  It is very cool stuff.

Somebody makes rigid corrugated Lexan panels now, too. Fairly expensive,
but I see them around installed like windows now and then. Shouldn't be
too hard to find in a mega-builder's warehouse store. Very strong.


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	I got my Corrulite catalog and a sample in the mail last week.
It's very
	neat stuff! It's a single-layer corrugated plastic sheet, like
normal box
	cardboard, and is made of HDPE (Type 2) plastic. It's
recyclable, comes in
	a bunch of colors, is lightweight, and totally waterproof. 

	They also do die-cutting and printing services, so we could
basically just
	ship them a blueprint and start getting pre-cut house pieces
sent back to
	us. (Hmm....)

	It's starting to look totally feasible. I'm going to have to
find out more
	about pricing & such. 

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