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Thanks for the's one of my own after many years working with
wildlife and environmental dilemmas around N.Central Texas and 'beyond'..........If
a person kicks his dog, it's likely that he (or she) will strike a smaller child,
which is likely to develop into 'attacks' against larger children such as
molestation, rape, and so forth. Of course, these kinds of 'interactions' only
create and generate more of the same, over many generations. I've always considered
irrational behavior patterns as something that's not picky about targets and
usually too spontaneous to 'plan' an's just something that happens,
in an instant. I again witnessed another such attack by a new neighbor awhile back
who was repeatedly kicking, and swinging/throwing punches with both arms
alternately onto his defenseless rottweiler who made the mistake of jumping a 'too
shot' 4' fence! And you know what I heard him doing lately? Yep, yelling in an
uncontrollable fashion at his female companion, who was obviously frightened and
yelling back for him not to hurt her!?! I did call, file reports, and lodge
complaints until I found an officer who loved dogs, including her own rottweilers,
and she had the city remove the dogs from his possession. Unfortunately, his
companion will have to do this for herself. These are disasters, in my opinion,
staring us in the face daily.
Final note about this personality type? They WANT victims, so if someone 'nails
them' for this improper dominating display of ignorance, they back down,
For what it's worth; Don't ever kick your dog!
Julie' :-)
lots of current information is coming out now regarding 'animal abusers=people
The Butterfly wrote:

> Got this one from one of my design professor's books that I was paging
> through this morning...
> "Is it a disaster that one-fourth of the world's population is presently
> ill-fed, ill-housed and ill-clothed? Is it a disaster that one-third of all
> the people in Asia, South America, and Africa are protein-starved?  They are
> disasters because they affect the support and recycling of life. Because of
> our daily reporting system, we tend to think of a disaster happening in a
> shorter period of time rather than something chronic or of long-standing such
> as mental illness or slow protein starvation."
>                         -- Harold L. Cohen - The Whole is the Particular (p.60)
> --
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