Re: Corrulite

The Butterfly wrote:

> I got my Corrulite catalog and a sample in the mail last week. It's very
> neat stuff! It's a single-layer corrugated plastic sheet, like normal box
> cardboard, and is made of HDPE (Type 2) plastic. It's recyclable, comes in
> a bunch of colors, is lightweight, and totally waterproof.
> They also do die-cutting and printing services, so we could basically just
> ship them a blueprint and start getting pre-cut house pieces sent back to
> us. (Hmm....)
> It's starting to look totally feasible. I'm going to have to find out more
> about pricing & such.

Thanks for the information. I found their web site >>
  I purchased several opaque sheets (4 x 8) of Coroplast (brand) corrugated
plastic at $6.00 each. I'm going to cover bottom triangles of a small (12 ft.)
dome with them.
  I'm still looking for the translucent UV protected horticultural grade variety.

  The thicker and tougher more rigid sheet (1/4") was priced at $23 for 4 x 8.
  I'm really impressed with its hinge-ability and tear resistance; neat stuff.

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