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-From: John Atkins <jatkins at technistar dot com>
-Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 14:32:49 -0600
-Reply-To: domesteading at sculptors dot com
-When I worked for Bill Moss, we designed a folding radial dome using
-corrugated plastic or cardboard- we went as far as to have a die
-designed for extruding the panel connectors, and made a few prototype
-domes. We had some cardboard custom-made with the flutes running
-lengthwise for that project. He did a bunch of collapsible structure
-designs using HDPE, with the emphasis on transportable, cheap
-disaster-housing.  It is very cool stuff.
	Hey John, was this the "pumpkin" dome you showed me back in
Buffalo? That was a VERY cool design. 

-Somebody makes rigid corrugated Lexan panels now, too. Fairly expensive,
-but I see them around installed like windows now and then. Shouldn't be
-too hard to find in a mega-builder's warehouse store. Very strong.
	I've been debating lexan or some other plastic vs. glass for
windows in the more advanced designs of the autonomous house. (Not the
disaster relief stuff, but the more spaceship-like ones.) Are there any
good plastics that are transparent and hold up in UV? I'd like the lighter
weight of plastic, and I'd like the strength/non-breakability of Lexan or
something similar if we're building what's basically a bubble to live in. 

	Anyone know of any good materials?

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