Lexan/ Corrulite Domes

I've lived in a translucent dome for 18 years now, (and it was a poly tent
greenhouse before that for some years).  I felt crazy for a while, 'cause
it suffers temperature swings and micro climates...  but we have adapted
well, it's a long story. A "duomo", ancient style dome where the "great
circles"  are strictly polar-radial, not isotropic, (IVM), like Bucky's.
Lexan layer was added a couple years ago, (single handed mountain climbing
job)... See JPG at

Thing of it is, manufacturers have little interest in mass producing fixed
panel extrusions for geodesic, triangular panels. So waste will be
tremendous if you work with default 4X8 or 4X16 ft sheets. I kept waste to
a minimum using the 16 ft sheets (and having many sizes of panels in my
"duomo" pattern). The original exterior was single layer 40 mil fiberglass.
Inside i added up to 9 layers of co-polymer, 4 mil sheet plastic for
insulating the cold Maine climes.

That's interesting that Moss Co was mentioned... they specialize in
portable exhibit structures for convention displays...  I did a little part
time computer work for them last year, (they are nearby). They seem to
focus on advertising products now, very commercial banner oriented. I never
had the pleasure of meeting Bill Moss, as i was a small town contractor in
years past, the computer freelancing is recent for me.

Bo Atkinson

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