Project earth


These are the Days wherein we will judge for ourselves whether the human
race continues. This is the time wherein we all must choose between the
road that leads to Death or the road that leads to Life. --Adam Trombly

Welcome to the Project Earth WebSite.

PROJECT EARTH was conceived of with the clear understanding that we are
either conscious or unconscious participants in our existence. We do not
exist in isolation. We are not separate from the totality of existence. The
dynamic of Project Earth has always been based on the healing of the
grotesque concept of personal and societal isolation through the
reintegration of the human species. We reintegrate with one another when we
communicate. Then the warning signals can pass throughout humanity.

It is our conviction at Project Earth that without immediate and radical
change on a level never undertaken in any prior epoch of history that the
human race is in a potentially terminal phase of a long and tragic decline,
hurtling towards disintegration like a wave that has broken against the
rocks of collective, cultural and educational inertia.

Humankind has the opportunity in this moment to transcend the errors of the
past and participate in the healing of the damage that dominates our time.
Humankind has the opportunity to join in prayer for the healing of our
planet and ourselves. We should never underestimate the power of prayer or
it's critical importance at this time.

Exponential Networking

The late R. Buckminster Fuller called Project Earth a "human design
experiment." The goal of the Project Earth was originally to demonstrate
that we as human beings could act as the primary network/medium of
communication towards the dissemination of information regarding the
Emergency on Earth and mutual inspiration towards healing. We have never
had a large central organization. Our primary organizing principal is
shared with all life. It is our love of our planet and of one another that
is our prime mover.

We discovered years ago that our power transcends the conventional media.
Long before the advent of the Internet Project Earth proved conclusively
that we are not only capable but very willing to act in a manner befitting
a viable species. For well over a decade people have committed themselves
to communicating the information disseminated through the Project Earth
Mother Node to friends, family and colleagues. We ask that each Project
Earth participant communicates with ten or more. It is purely up to you. It
is called exponential networking. It is a way we can all help change our
own planetary circumstance. It is a way we take responsibility for our

Project Earth does not solicit funding but we do encourage you to join our
voices in our collective demand that our governments do what is right for
the environment and the future of our species. We encourage every one to
transcend political inertia and participate in Democracy where ever you may
be. We have very little time.

Please read the articles that we are currently making available. (See
Index) We will increase the content as time allows.

Project Earth grew into millions of participants worldwide through the use
of the simplest of all electronic mediums, i.e. the telephone. That is all
we had in the beginning. Now with the explosion of the World Wide Web we
each can network in a far more efficient and cost effective manner. Feel
free to download articles that you relate to and share them with your
colleagues, friends and family.

We pray that Project Earth continues to help us discover the Community that
we already are and how powerful we can be when we work and pray together
and use our collective political power to demand change. Please join us in
our efforts.

Project Earth was conceived of by Adam Trombly and the late R. Buckminster
Fuller as a human communications design experiment. Obviously the
experiment bacame a participatory process which continues to grow as more
and more people throughout the world get the message that there is no to
time to wait to demand profound and sweeping changes in the way we all
relate to our environment and one another.

Adam, is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics,
Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic
Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling. Taking the advice of his friend
and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has maintained a "synergistic,
global view" within a multi-disciplinary scientific background. From this
perspective, Adam offers unique insights into the changes humankind has
effected on our environment, and the adjustments our future requires of us

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