Intro (was: Domesteading hits 100!)

Good idea, Rachel. 

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, currently. (Actually, I live 35 miles
south of Nashville, in a very rural area, and commute to an office every
day.) The place where we are planning to build our house is in eastern
Kentucky, in the mountains.

I don't know if this is true or not (only Pat would know), but I think
part of the reason Pat started the DomeSteading list was because people
like me were complaining that the talk on the Geodesics and the
Synergetics lists was too esoteric; there was nowhere to talk about the
other things that go along with the reasons why someone would want to
build a dome. Like energy self-sufficiency and composting toilets. 

I looked at some old sketchbooks recently and realized that even back when
I was busy flunking out of college, I was more interested in
self-sufficiency than anything else. (That and the opposite sex... but I
understand there are other mail lists for that.)

I currently serve as co-moderator for the DomeHome email list, whose
conversation (and subscriber list) overlaps DomeSteading considerably. You
can take a look at our DomeHome Companion website:

jmr (J. Michael Rowland)

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