Re: Domesteading hits 100!

Sounds like an interesting little project. 
My geographic location is Portland, Oregon. 
Shane McKelvey

---James Jarrett <ozzyman at vnet dot net> wrote:
> > First off, Congrats on being number 100.  (I'm 99 btw. :])  I was
> > thinking that this
> > group of folks is probably a rather diverse crowd located all
across the
> > country.  Now 
> > Pat, you can Veto this idea, but I thought it would be interesting
to find
> > out where
> > everyone is from.  (General geography is just fine, like
state/part of
> > state.  I didn't
> > mean home addresses.)   I always find it fascinating to see how
much space
> > is nullfiied by the 'net.   
> > 
> Heck, Why stop there, why not do a Online Map of where everyone is
(again general
> but not a bad representation)  I'm Personally in South (VERY SOUTH)
North Carolina
> (like about three miles from SC) In Charlotte.
> IF anyone else is interested in us doing this, sort of a
domesteading toteboard let 
> me know and I'll put a map on my homepage and update it with any
data sent to me.
> James

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POGO -Walt Kelly

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