Re(2): Insulation

janet snow writes:
>Insulation is a nasty job but one that I think it pays for the owner 
>to do themselves.  There are a lot of little nooks and crannys to be 
>filled and no contractor is going to take the time and patience to do 
>this.  These little details make the difference in a well insulated 

I agree, wholeheartedly. It gives you a chance to find good, creative
solutions in what could otherwise become problem situations. It's one of
those rare opportunities for owners to save labor costs, doing something
that a contractor really doesn't want to do anyway.

If you're working with fiberglass insulation, wear protective clothing,
eye protection, and a particle mask, and just plunge in and DO it. You
might want to get one of those paper or tyvek suits. And rinse off with
cold water afterward; cold water makes your pores slam shut, decreasing
the risk that tiny glass fibers will work their way in where they

If you don't try to cut corners by not taking precautions, it's not a hard


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