Re: Weather Degradation

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Oregon Dome wrote:
> John,
> Thoughts or stories?  Hmmm...
> I have only one real story to tell, then I'll make excuses for not
> having more.
> Several years ago, some folks in this area set out to build a dome on a
> basement.  They elected to build the basement, live in it for a year,
> then put the dome on top of this.  The basement got up and they moved
> in, only to find that keeping the rain out of the basement (weather
> proofing the first floor decking) was quite a bit more expensive than
> they thought. 
> I don't know about any material degradation in this story, but is sure
> is an example of why we want folks to get weather tight right away. 
> Construction projects are extremely stressful, and a large number of
> marriages fall apart during them.  This is why it is important to do
> your research and ask lots and lots of questions, especially of
> contractors.  We dome companies can be of some help, but I always
> recommend that even the do-it-yourselfers have a contractor they can
> fall back on for help, questions, or assistance.
> Being a panelizer, our domes are usually raised to a framed and sheathed
> shell in a single weekend.  This means that after you do your dome
> raising, you can immediately start roofing your home, rather than having
> more work to do to get your shell ready.  Most of our domes are only
> exposed to the weather for about a week.
>  The exterior grade
> sheathing will decay over time if left exposed, but even there you have
> quite a while before you have to worry about the material deteriorating
> to the point that it needs replacing.  
> Thanks,  > Nathan Burke,    > Oregon Dome, Inc.

..........................reply from john belt:
	Nathan,  That is the same as my observations around here for
material degradation  The main material that suffers is the laminated
products being left exposed too long and start to delaminate a bit. 
I fear that putting flooring down on some that i have observed will
"surface"  at some point as problems resulting from continued
	Thanks,  john belt--Oswego, New York

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