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><< Is anyone there?  Ingrid >>
>Is there anybody here that's not on the DomeHome list?
>Bob Downing
	I was on DomeHome for a while, and then fell off of it when we had the
network problems. Ironically, right about the time I moved INTO a dome was
when I no longer had time to read about the domes! :-)
	I suspect that we may have quite a few people not on DomeHome, as we've
now grown to close to 100 members. (Yay!)

	I had noticed that there were no posts for the past month, myself. But as
noted, I've been swamped, so I didn't send a ping. 

	Current project: Writing up my work on building an atmospheric condenser
unit to address drinking-water problems. That's going to consume me for the
next couple of weeks, but will be posted to the website when finished.
(Really more apropos for the clean-water list, but it also fits here, as
we'll be able to use these in autonomous houses and emergency shelters

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