Re(2): Re(2): ping

I said to uncaducky:

>>What are you talking about?

...who had asked:

>>>i don't think i am, how do i get on it?

...and Pat replied:
>	The DomeHome list! :-) 
>	Care to post the subscription instructions for folks here who are

Gladly!  the EASY way, if you have Web access, is to go to:

...and use the subscription form there. But you can subscribe by email,

Create a new email message addressed to:

     requests at h19 dot hoflin dot com

In the BODY of the email message, put the words:

     subscribe DomeHome-H

It doesn't matter what you put in the Subject line; it gets ignored by the
server. The DomeHome server will send you a welcome message. You can
subscribe in "digest" form if you like:

     subscribe Digest DomeHome-H

You would get only one email message per day, comprising that day's

All are welcome.

DomeHome Moderator

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