Re: Opinion on dome web sites...

Nathan, once again, my words are snipped from the
CONTEXT of what I said - I have visited several sites
and have found a FEW who charge for ONLY the price
list!  I understand costs of producing packages such
as the ones I, myself, have purchased.  What I meant
and STILL mean is that I have a real attitude 
problem with any company that expects me to pay
for their price list by itself.  I will NOT mention
the name of the dome company, but one specifically
comes to mind that actually has, stated, on their
web site:  price list - $2.95!  Now, puh-leaze, folks!
Let's not take this anywhere other than the place
I meant for it to stick - selling a price list
seperately?  No sale!


On Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:33:28   Oregon Dome wrote:
>I would suspect that, like us, most dome companies have no problem
>giving out the price list for free.  What you are paying for, in most
>cases, is the catalogs and planning packages that go along with them. 
>There are two reasons for charging for the extensive planning
>1.	It is expensive to produce for us.
>2.	If we did not charge for it, we would be giving away fifty of these a
>day to people who have no intention of ever building.  Until there is a
>better way of screening out the catalog collectors from those who
>actually intend to build, charging is a way to find out who is motivated
>to build.
>There is a reason why we typically do not include the price list
>straight out with every free package.  This is because the price list
>only tells a very small part of the story.  It does not offer a clear
>way to compare dome companies offerings, as for the most part, we each
>have different methods to build and supply systems of different level of
>completion.  It also tells you very little about the finished cost of
>the home, as this depends on the complexity and size of the home more
>than it does on the kit cost.
>Cat wrote:
>> ...I've looked through ALOT of the dome companies'
>> >> web pages and I'd like to say just one thing to these
>> >> folks.  I'm REAL tired of those dome companies who
>> >> want to SELL me their PRICE LIST!
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