Re: Opinion on dome web sites...

 Y'know, when someone spends THIS much time explaining,
I believe it's something OTHER than a "simple"
explanation.  It's justification.  'Nuff said...


On Tue, 01 Sep 1998 18:03:36   solo wrote:
> Per page charge for B/W and a separate one for color pages (reasons 1&2)
>    Online download, no cost if you have a presence on the web.
>Offer a sheet (or like that is interactive) that lists
>your features and the price.  Different dome shell sizes, different
>features such as bump outs, cupola, extensions, garages, risers, etc. etc.
>If this was interactive, the customer could actually click on what they
>wanted, which would bring up a separate box showing a line drawing with
>that feature, total square feet and the price.  When done with their
>additions, it would at least give them the total square feet, and the total
>square feet with at least 5 foot headroom.  
>Then the customer could move to finishings to the dome:  interior and
>exterior (if this is done by your company) such as roofing, siding,
>insulation, etc.  On this price list, the per square costs is listed, but
>when they add this to the design, it is calculated for the square footage
>of the dome + extras that they already selected (materials and labor).
>There doesnt have to be that many selections.  Those wanting teak could be
>told to request a quote.  
>Interior work, such as electrical and plumbing is standard for the most
>part and rated per foot, and per bathroom.  Interior walls etc could be
>handled by showing  typical floor plans for different sized domes with no
>finished basement (or no basement at all).  1st floor,  1/2 second floor
>with typical divisions for bathrooms and bedrooms,  or 1st with 3/4 second
>floor for larger domes.  As far as finishings, I am sure they can be
>grouped generally into "bare bones", "suburban" and "deluxe" with
>descriptions of per foot costs for these (materials and labor).  Again,
>those wanting more complex, or individual designs can be asked to request a
>quote.  Even better is to list the savings in costs and labor at each stage
>over conventional square buildings.  Ingrid
>At 11:33 AM 8/31/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>catalogs and planning packages 
>>1. expensive/>2. waste time on those not serious
>reason why we typically do not include the price list
>small part of the story.  
>no clear way to compare dome companies offerings, 
>different methods to build and supply systems of different level of
>tells you very little about the finished cost of the home, as this depends
>on the complexity and size of the home more than it does on the kit cost.
>solo   List manager- Puregold

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