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>I saw your site some time ago and am revisiting.  I read most of the thesis
>and it is pretty much the same as the writings from the 60's.  So, what are
>you actually doing?  I am 50 with an extensive history in construction
>(residential and commercial),  a BSE, MFA, and I have been stuck trying to
>find someone who is actually addressing the problems you cite.  I am primarily
>interested in off-grid residential construction, but any time "off-grid" or
>"low-income" is mentioned, the financial sources dry up...just ask Bucky or
>Frank LLW....    Currently, I am designing the facades for insulated concrete
>residential structures while I do my real job as an estimator/manager for a
>construction company.  So I would be very pleased to get in contact with a
>group who has some history and connections with other entities who have found
>the funding to proceed.  Send me some info about your progress.   By the way,
>I am in Billings, Montana...the black hole of progress and culture of the
>nation.   Drop me a line.   Thanks   Tim Starns
	Hi, Tim! Nice to hear from you!

	One of the things we recently did was had a dome-building party to make
a prototype of a low-cost geodesic out of corrugated plastic material. It came out
pretty well, and people all got a fair idea of what it is I've been ranting about
for the past few years. :-)

	If you want to see some digital pictures, check out:
	I haven't put these together into a proper web page, yet. Sorry.

	We're beginning to talk about doing something closer to a full-scale model with
the same material, and to begin looking at ways of sealing the dome against the 
elements. (The first model was 1/2 or 1/3 scale, and was mainly to show folks
that it could be done. Now it has to be done in a longer-term fashion.)
	The cost in Corrulite (the plastic material) for a 12' dome was about $70. I have 
calculated that we could do a 24'-30' one for probably less than $1000. 

	I'm actually beginning to consider taking it even a step further, as two friends
have expressed an interest in beta-testing living in a shelter system like this. They've
got permission to live on some land up in the Santa Cruz Mountains while they help someone
build his house, but they don't have a shelter for themselves, yet. This might make a
good venue for testing out the Corrulite and getting some real-world feedback on what 
works, and what doesn't. 
	A little farther along, I'd like to approach the Planning Board of Santa 
Cruz County, and also the University of California at Santa Cruz about setting up dome
shelters for student housing. UC Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz in general, are in the rather
disgraceful position of continuing to sell more spots in the University than there are
places to house students. So they're collecting full tuition fares from the kids, and a
good portion of them (we're talking 50-100, at least) are having to live in tents in
the woods around campus, or on boats down in the harbor, because there just isn't
any room to house them. I think we may be able to help with that, and it would provide
an excellent research base where the students could provide us with feedback. There's
also a large homeless population in Santa Cruz, and while the weather is nice most of 
the year, it's still not the best thing to sleep on doorsteps.

	As to what else we're doing, well, trying to get the Reality Sculptors Project 
up to its next phase. The domesteading list is starting to take off with lively discussion,
and I'm trying to jumpstart some of the other lists that focus on other projects like
fuel-cells, floating-cities, clean water supplies, etc. Also, the website is due for an 
overhaul and expansion, and I want to start up some new areas, focusing on education, 
getting kids involved, teacher-packs for schools, projects, comic-books, and perhaps 
toys or play-domes and workshops aimed at younger folks, etc.

	If anyone wants to help out with areas of this, or has other ideas for lists, etc.,
please let me know. It takes me (literally) about 30 seconds to start up a new discussion
list. It sometimes takes a year or more to get them to really take off, though...

	That's it for now... 

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	   Patrick G. Salsbury -
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