Michael's suggestions etc.

Yes, Michael, we seem to get onto some of the same
stuff on both lists and I've wondered about many 
of the same things.  (By the way, my down and dirty
outline is at home - sorry!)

I also found a web site of a nonprofit organization
that builds shelter in third world countries (similar
to Habitat...but once again, it's bookmarked at home)
which I'll send to the list(s) when I get home!

Okay, paperwork and nonprofit...why is it we wrinkle
up our face and get crazy over the paperwork when
we're willing to go out and help build HOUSES!  No,
paperwork and complying with the "rules" ain't an
easy task, but then again, BUILDING A HOUSE ain't 
either!  C'mon, gotta take the good with the bad,
Michael (and everyone else bemoaning paperwork and
nonprofit) - it's like taking medicine; might taste
bad going down, but you feel better soon after!

While Habitat has been suggested many times, the only
thing that gives ME (and I stress, this is my own
phobia) pause in confronting these folks is that it
is a "Christian" organization.  Sorry, I was raised
a Southern Baptist and have a BAD phobia agains
religious organizations.  If they can prove they will
keep the preaching to a minimum and that their MAIN
thrust is *simply* providing shelter, I have no 
problem with them...I just don't want to see any
association with this group become...evangelical? in

It would be a nice thing if we could combine our
experiences and expertise (from list to list and
subscriber to subscriber) to create a nonprofit
organization - but then that's been my vote all


On Tue, 08 Sep 1998 09:31:19   Michael Rowland wrote:
>Tim Starns writes:
>> By the way, I am in Billings, Montana...the black hole
>> of progress and culture of the nation.   Drop me a line. 
>> Thanks   Tim Starns
>I have a friend who recently moved back to Nashville from Glendive,
>Montana; he thought THAT was the black hole of progress and culture of the
>nation... maybe the event horizon in Big Sky Country is big enough to
>encompass both of them? (No offense to either Glendive or Billings....)
>I wanted to add a few things to Tim's and Pat's posting:
>I serve as moderator for another mail list concerned with geodesic
>dome-building, named DomeHome. (We have a companion website at
><http://www.seagull.net/rowley/DomeHome>.) As you'd expect, we share some
>of the same subscribers with Domesteading. Whereas Domesteading is more
>concerned with self-sufficiency and world housing issues, DomeHome's
>subscriber list seems to center on people who, for whatever reason, simply
>want to build or buy a house that uses dome building technology. We have a
>lot of do-it-yourselfers, but we also include people who just want a
>"turnkey" housing solution... that also happens to be a dome.
>Lately, discussion on DomeHome has taken an interesting turn. One of our
>mutual subscribers, Cathryn Martin, bemoaned the dearth of recent
>publications with comprehensive source and resource materials for the
>domeowner; when she suggested that our list members should collaborate on
>such a book, the idea caught on very quickly. It seems like an idea whose
>time has come.
>In subsequent discussions, the idea of setting up a non-profit
>organization keeps coming back up. We certainly don't want to go to the
>effort of producing a comprehensive resource guide to dome-building
>without setting up some means to continue updating it, as technologic
>developments occur. Likewise, we don't want to go to the effort of setting
>up a non-profit just to continue updating the book.
>Since, in our discussions, Habitats for Humanity keeps popping up, and
>since this is an area central to the aims of the Domesteading list, the
>inescapable conclusion is that we should join forces. I, personally, am
>not in favor of setting up a non-profit unless we take it seriously enough
>to ensure that it will have a lifespan great enough to accomplish some
>goals. This means paperwork. Paperwork means a certain number of committed
>individuals, with certain areas of knowledge. A number of such folks have
>spoken up on the DomeHome list. I think it's doable.
>Since the idea of a non-profit grew out of discussions about "the Book,"
>the book continues to be the primary goal. But gaining on that are the
>recent discussions about how to put over the idea of building domes as
>cost- and energy-efficient solutions for Habitats for Humanity.
>We have a tentative outline for the book's contents. I can post it here,
>or, better, Cat Martin or Ron Stevens or another of our mutual subscribers
>who has been involved in the discussions can post a summary of it here, in
>his or her own words. I will also soon be posting a summary on our website.
>I don't want to muddy any waters by introducing the idea here; but it
>seems that we can get more done by combining our efforts; and maybe we can
>organize to avoid a flurry of cross-postings between our two lists. (It
>also occurs to me that there may be other mail lists out there with
>similar aims, like Pat's other reality sculptors mail lists, and the
>Permaculture folks.)
>One other thing I'd like to mention is a survey we recently issued asking
>our subscribers about their reasons for being interested in domes, and
>asking for some descriptions of their involvement with them. We have, so
>far, 46 responses. This represents about 15% of our subscriber list. Given
>the nature of email lists and volunteer organizations in general :-) I
>think it's a pretty good response rate. I've finished compiling the
>responses, and have them in a simple FileMaker database. I've exported
>them to a text file that is, in my opinion, too big to mail out as a
>regular List posting. I propose, instead, to post a rough version on a Web
>page, and offer to email it as a text file attachment to those who don't
>have Web access. Later, the Web version will present these responses in a
>table, and include a form so that newcomers can add their own responses.
>But I thought the domesteaders might also be interested in this survey --
>it's good reading.
>I'm most interested, though, in domesteaders' thoughts about working
>together to form a non-profit org.

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