Re: Michael's suggestions etc.

domesteading at sculptors dot com writes:
>Okay, paperwork and nonprofit...why is it we wrinkle
>up our face and get crazy over the paperwork when
>we're willing to go out and help build HOUSES!  No,
>paperwork and complying with the "rules" ain't an
>easy task, but then again, BUILDING A HOUSE ain't 
>either!  C'mon, gotta take the good with the bad,
>Michael (and everyone else bemoaning paperwork and
>nonprofit) - it's like taking medicine; might taste
>bad going down, but you feel better soon after!

I admit I find paperwork, in itself, distasteful. But if it were a matter
of buckling down and doing it and being done with it, I wouldn't even
bring it up. What we're talking about here is ONGOING COMMITMENT to get it
done. We can't just decide, after 6 or 7 months (or 6 or 7 years), that,
man, this is a drag, let someone else do it now. It means that I will
continue to get it done long after it's ceased to hold any intrinsic
interest for me, and that the only way I can discharge the responsibility
is by passing it on to someone else who will be equally committed. (Or, as
a better alternative, to get into a mindset where you can continue to find
things about it that are intellectually stimulating and satisfying. But
I'm not sufficiently in tune with the jewel in the heart of that
particular lotus....)

> While Habitat has been suggested many times, the only
> thing that gives ME (and I stress, this is my own
> phobia) pause in confronting these folks is that it
> is a "Christian" organization ... I just don't want
> to see any association with this group become...
> evangelical? in nature...

This is not a minor point. I agree... I shudder to anticipate being
involved in such an undertaking with a group who continually seek to
subordinate (I almost want to say "suborn" :-) one's own worthwhile cause
into their own particular aims. Especially when such organization views
one as a possible target for their well-intentioned though unwanted
attentions. My personal religion is personal, and is not subject to
negotiation merely to increase someone else's enrollment list.

> It would be a nice thing if we could combine our
> experiences and expertise (from list to list and
> subscriber to subscriber) to create a nonprofit
> organization - but then that's been my vote all
> along!

Call me "convinced"... I think it's a good idea (have all along), and I've
seen enough response from others on DomeHome to think it's doable. But I
cannot in good conscience commit to being the one who gets the bureacratic
stuff done; I can say, "I'll do it," but I can't say "I'll KEEP doing it."
And I don't think it'll work without such persons. (And I'd still like to
explore the subtle though possibly significant differences between being a
"not-for-profit" versus a "non-profit" org. I know a very knowledgeable
and experienced professional with whom I can talk about this and find out



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