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On Tue, 08 Sep 1998 11:45:41   Michael Rowland wrote:
>domesteading at sculptors dot com writes:
>>Okay, paperwork and nonprofit...why is it we wrinkle
>>up our face and get crazy over the paperwork when
>>we're willing to go out and help build HOUSES!  No,
>>paperwork and complying with the "rules" ain't an
>>easy task, but then again, BUILDING A HOUSE ain't 
>>either!  C'mon, gotta take the good with the bad,
>>Michael (and everyone else bemoaning paperwork and
>>nonprofit) - it's like taking medicine; might taste
>>bad going down, but you feel better soon after!
>I admit I find paperwork, in itself, distasteful. But if it were a matter
>of buckling down and doing it and being done with it, I wouldn't even
>bring it up. What we're talking about here is ONGOING COMMITMENT to get it
>done. We can't just decide, after 6 or 7 months (or 6 or 7 years), that,
>man, this is a drag, let someone else do it now. It means that I will
>continue to get it done long after it's ceased to hold any intrinsic
>interest for me, and that the only way I can discharge the responsibility
>is by passing it on to someone else who will be equally committed. (Or, as
>a better alternative, to get into a mindset where you can continue to find
>things about it that are intellectually stimulating and satisfying. But
>I'm not sufficiently in tune with the jewel in the heart of that
>particular lotus....)

That is, I believe, why we began discussing a board
to do the work that is required of a nonprofit
organization.  I think that is the thing about it
being an organization - that YOU would NOT be
responsible for the long-term workload and that its
success or failure is not incumbent upon your life-
long commitment to do all the work!
>> While Habitat has been suggested many times, the only
>> thing that gives ME (and I stress, this is my own
>> phobia) pause in confronting these folks is that it
>> is a "Christian" organization ... I just don't want
>> to see any association with this group become...
>> evangelical? in nature...
>This is not a minor point. I agree... I shudder to anticipate being
>involved in such an undertaking with a group who continually seek to
>subordinate (I almost want to say "suborn" :-) one's own worthwhile cause
>into their own particular aims. Especially when such organization views
>one as a possible target for their well-intentioned though unwanted
>attentions. My personal religion is personal, and is not subject to
>negotiation merely to increase someone else's enrollment list.
I brought this point up because I have been in
association with groups who believed they were
"bettering" a group of underpriviledged people and
what they REALLY were doing was, first and foremost,
"spreading the word of the Lord."  Religion can be
a good thing for people, but I just don't want to see
our group's vision subjugated by spreading the "word"
which ISN'T about domes and/or low-cost housing...
>> It would be a nice thing if we could combine our
>> experiences and expertise (from list to list and
>> subscriber to subscriber) to create a nonprofit
>> organization - but then that's been my vote all
>> along!
>Call me "convinced"... I think it's a good idea (have all along), and I've
>seen enough response from others on DomeHome to think it's doable. But I
>cannot in good conscience commit to being the one who gets the bureacratic
>stuff done; I can say, "I'll do it," but I can't say "I'll KEEP doing it."
>And I don't think it'll work without such persons. (And I'd still like to
>explore the subtle though possibly significant differences between being a
>"not-for-profit" versus a "non-profit" org. I know a very knowledgeable
>and experienced professional with whom I can talk about this and find out
>Go for it, jmr, and then come back with a list of
differences between nonprofit and not-for-profit -
sorta pros/cons between the two.  Legalese is NOT
the kinda "paperwork" I care to do...would rather
put a gun to my head than read legal books!


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