Re: Need some help around Illinois or Colorado

> >.......... and is looking for someone to help convert his Hybrid Solar Dome
> >plans to CAD - Computer Draft.
> >Would be most interested in someone in Chicago area or Colorado with some
> >experience in spaceframe technology. All responses welcome.
> >
> If telecommuting would work, please look at my CAD- design/ build work. I'm t
> rying to expand my CAD related employment and telecomuting seems ideal. All t
> he pages on my www site (link below) display my work efforts.
> bo atkinson
	I'm still trying to find a good CAD program for domes & such. 
	-I've found Rick Bono's "Dome" program (v. 4.6) to be wonderful for 
generating raytraceable files for POVRay. (Although the 'export to *.dwx 
format' function gives a less-than-desirable simple-wireframe of a dome. This 
is OK for importing into Bryce 3D, but it lacks the mechanical detail that is 
possible with POV.)
	-and Gerald deJong's "Struck!" to be great for octet-truss designs (although 
you have to build the truss by hand, it's not a programattic interface where 
you say "make me a truss with these dimensions")
	-and Moray 3 to be a FANTASTIC 3D modeller/interface to POVRay (I'll be 
posting some new pictures on the website soon, although I haven't figured out 
how to import POV scenes from Dome into the modeller, you can import other 
items from Moray directly into POV. Moray lets you get *extremely* precise in 
dealing with your designs. Down to units of measurement that go to 5 decimal 
places. (0.00001 units, which, if 1=1 meter, then 0.00001 is 1/100th of a 
millimeter.) This is just fine, but I don't know if it's compatible with other 
CAD programs or how to interchangeable with them, yet...
	-There's another POV-compatible freeware modeller, called POVLab. I haven't 
played with that one, but I've seen examples of what it can do. VERY nice.

	Here are some relevant links:

Dome 4.6:	(Freeware)
Bryce:	(Commercial)
Struck!:			(Freeware)
POVRay3:				(Freeware)
Moray3:				(Shareware)
POVLab:			(Freeware)

	Code notes: I think that Dome, POVRay, and definitely POVLab are open-source. 
Bryce is not. Struck might be. There's a community mailing list devoted to it, 
but I'm not sure if they all write code, or just Gerald. It's done in Java, 
and is used to visualize tensegrities & synergetic geometry in 3D/VRML. The 
mailing list is at

	Hope this helps. It's enough to get you started, in any event. (It's kept me 
busy for the better part of the last year (And probably the next several! :-)  

	I'll put together some pictures of things I've done with these tools, so you 
can see some examples of what's possible. I'm planning on using a combination 
of these to render pictures of the autonomous house. Obviously, I'll be 
posting pictures of that here when I've got something worth showing.

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