RE: Domesteading hits 100!

Put me down for Des Plaines, IL (work location & temp. residence)
and Fullerton, CA (permanent home and location of my dome kit).
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Ditto. You can put me down for Santa Cruz, California. I'm about 15 miles
up in the mountains, but that's close enough for government work. :-)


At 12:37 AM 11/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Sounds like an interesting little project. 
>My geographic location is Portland, Oregon. 
>Shane McKelvey
>> Heck, Why stop there, why not do a Online Map of where everyone is
>(again general
>> but not a bad representation)  I'm Personally in South (VERY SOUTH)
>North Carolina
>> (like about three miles from SC) In Charlotte.
>> IF anyone else is interested in us doing this, sort of a
>domesteading toteboard let 
>> me know and I'll put a map on my homepage and update it with any
>data sent to me.
>> James
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