Re: Pillow Dome

Shane writes:
>In his book "Buckyworks" J. Baldwin details his clever design for a
>double-layer dome using a tube frame and small, insulating "pillows"
>(the individual triangular segments) made of DuPont's plastic Tefzel
>film. Each "pillow" is sealed and filled with air or inert gas, such
>as argon to provide insulation. The upper and lower side portions of
>the dome featured open-able segments for airflow and temp control. The
>book led the reader to believe the author was working toward
>commercial production. It's been several years since I read the book
>and the design idea dates back to the late '60s. Can anybody tell me
>what the status of the project is?

It's my understanding that he's continuing to work on this; I think we'll
will be hearing more about it soon.


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