Re: Pillow Dome

Thanks for the URL and info on the PillowDome. RMI's hypercar
technology is looking more promising every day. Nice to hear Mr.
Baldwin is involved.
I couldn't let the short rant in your response go without comment,
You are right that Big Biz is uninterested in the development of
Fuller-inspired technology. Especially "disruptive" technology, like,
say, building an energy efficient house for a few thousand dollars
rather than the classic wooden-box-with-holes-in-it for a few hundred
thousand dollars. My question is: why would a project like the
PillowDome require the blessing of big business? I doubt DuPont is
going into the dome construction business, but they should be willing
to work with a customer who wants to buy a substantial amount of their
Tefzel film. Politics in the service of social control and mass market
predictability is a touchstone of our wonderful consumer culture. Name
any nominal market economy where it is any different. And yes, Big Biz
is the classic example of behavior that makes sense within one time
frame that is suicidal in another. On the other hand, (and without
capsizing any boats)there might be a market for a better commercial
greenhouse based on the PillowDome.

The status quo will not crumble because of people marching in the
streets demanding domes or anything else. Plenty of us are ready and
willing to rock the boat. The two best ways I have found to do this
are to personally become a "non-consumer" to the extent possible and
to persuade people that realizing social benefits and economic rewards
from adopting superior technologies with long term viability are
compatible goals. This is the approach of Rocky Mountain Institute
(among others) and is perhaps why J. Baldwin is working on the
HyperCar with them.  In this glorious era of Capitalist
Totalitarianism, I just don't see getting anything done that is wholly
antagonistic to the prevailing power structure.  

---Kirby Urner <urner at alumni dot Princeton dot EDU> wrote:
> I think Jay is mostly working on car designs these days
> (the "Hypercar" project).
> The PillowDome is an excellent technology, shelved by 
> big business because "Bucky Works" style success is not
> a part of their agenda these days -- easier to pursue 
> "business as usual" short-sighted moneymaking ends.
> Too bad.
> If USAers made a big stink about being ripped off, their
> futures mortgaged, their quality of life degraded by 
> commercial interest hiding behind political rhetoric, 
> we might get somewhere.  But USAer 'toe the line' 
> obedience to politically-managed agendas is legendary.  
> Americans just don't believe in rocking the boat.  
> Period.
> Kirby
> for more
> links re prototype technologies (including Jay's). 

Shane M...Portland, Oregon USA
"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities."
POGO -Walt Kelly

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