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I have read with interest the "pillow dome" thread, and it scares me, somewhat, to hear the writers express the notion that Big Government or Big Business, or anything big should do the job of competing in the marketplace of ideas.  If you are so very sure that a cheap, non-boxy residence can be built for the masses, then invest YOUR money and effort in the enterprise.  Your rewards, if you are correct, will be great, and if you are not correct you'll also get your just rewards.  If you are looking for big brother or his co-henchman, big business, to do all the work then give it up!  It is their DUTY to preserve the status quo, rather that chance a revolution that might loosen their grip on that status quo.  It was Ed Levitt that made the boxy house affordable and plentiful AND ubiquitous.  Do it with domes and History will revere you.

Kirby Urner wrote:

>thousand dollars. My question is: why would a project like the
>PillowDome require the blessing of big business?

I think Jay has already done the credible prototypes.

The only reason to pour any more energy into R&D of the
PillowDome is if commerical mass production is part of
the storyboard.

Sure, Jay and friends could knock themselves out passing
the hat, gathering materials, and designing a whole new
version with some more kinks worked out, and there'd be
a web page and people would say "gee that's cool".  And
then?  We'd be right where we are now.

The next move is towards commercialization and mass
production, perhaps with an intermediate prototyping phase
tied to Hollywood's movie making (props = real working
versions, not fakes or phoney special effects).

Jay has done his part, done the pioneering.  I don't think
sitting around waiting for him to jump through all those
hoops again is a good use of time -- least of all his.
He'd probably enjoy a chance to star in the movie phase


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