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>I have read with interest the "pillow dome" thread, and it scares me,
>somewhat, to hear the writers express the notion that Big Government or
>Big Business, or anything big should do the job of competing in the
>marketplace of ideas.  

The world is big.  Scary too.  You don't build 747s in your garage.
We already have a lot off dome vendors (I maintain a list, one of
several).  The vision was for the aerospace sector to realize the
true potential of the Fly's Eye, as per my "Brainstorming on BuckyWorks":

>If you are so very sure that a cheap, non-boxy
>residence can be built for the masses, then invest YOUR money and effort
>in the enterprise.  

Individual inventors, working solo and in teams, are able to get as
far as prototypes.  Mass production takes more involvement, more 
people.  At a certain point, you pause, look around, and say, wow,
this has gotten pretty big.  Welcome to big business.

>Your rewards, if you are correct, will be great, and
>if you are not correct you'll also get your just rewards.  If you are
>looking for big brother or his co-henchman, big business, to do all the
>work then give it up!  It is their DUTY to preserve the status quo,

I agree that conservative inertia is built in to the system.  But
my central point is the prototype work has been done.  The next 
phase of prototype development will be too interesting to hide
altogether (in hangers, lofts, studios) and will probably fuel 
a new genre of film and/or video documentary, ala my Project 
Renaissance scenario.  Not necessarily in the USA though -- people
here rest content with their politicians.  Other peoples have it
a lot rougher right now and are more willing to try something new.

>rather that chance a revolution that might loosen their grip on that
>status quo.  It was Ed Levitt that made the boxy house affordable and
>plentiful AND ubiquitous.  Do it with domes and History will revere you.

I'm not interested in being revered.  I'm interested in going to
the next phase of development.  I have my plans, blueprints, 
storyboards.  I'm ready for my life to get more interesting.


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