thoughts on domes and markets

It seems to me that there are a couple of major barriers thwarting the
dome as a mass market form of housing. 
First, the forest products, building materials, construction &
remodeling trades, real estate, insurance, banking, retailing and
other interests, not to forget the bureaucracies that tax and regulate
all this, have a solid interest in keeping things exactly as they are. 

Second, there is a marked lack of interest in the mass market for dome
and other lightweight, efficient housing alternatives. Talk to friends
and family (who are not "dome-ies")and ask them if they would like to
live in a dome structure of some sort. Typically, the answer is some
variation of "absolutely not". While most people can accept the appeal
of domes in an intellectual sense, they cannot think of them as
"houses". To most people a house is a heavy, rectilinear structure
made of wood or masonry, sitting on a foundation in a tract of nearly
identical structures and it will resemble (at the developers peril)
exactly what the prospective buyer grew up in or has been conditioned
to want through the relentless selling of the American Dream.

To me, this market conservatism and not government/industry opposition
are the real problem. When a sufficient number of people want to live
in dome-house neighborhoods, the other obstacles will begin to melt

Enough design and engineering work has been done to show the
practicality of domes. What suggestions can the readers of this list
offer to address the issue of impacting the mass market?


Shane M...Portland, Oregon USA
"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities."
POGO -Walt Kelly

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