Re: thoughts on domes and markets

> Shane,
> In my experience in the dome industry, there is really only one barrier,
> and that is a low market "pull."  The construction, forest products,
> building materials, remodeling, real estate, banking and insurance
> industries all have supported domes and prospective dome owners to some
> extent.  It is now a matter of creating a market that pulls domes into
> existance.

True, but there are a lot of other little problems facing the building of
domes.  While I knew this, I had no idea how brutal it was until recently. 

As I have stated before, my wife and I are in the planning stages of building 
a house made up of 3 connected domes.  Now, we are on a shoestring budget, 
and I had heard some VERY good things about LWC (light weight concrete) bulding
techniques.  How the concrete has good support characteristics, how it is 
very warm (compared to "standard" concete) and a lot of other good things.

I did some net searching and found a company that specializes is LWC and sent
them an E-mail telling them what we were doing and that we wanted specs on 
their material to see if it was applicable to our situation.

I'll be the first to admit this was a "tire kicking" inquiry, I had no REAL 
intention of changing our plans, but if it lived up to all the press, it could
at LEAST make a good riser wall or basement etc...

When they wrote me back (btw I am not telling you publicly the name of the company
'cause I don't want to be sued for slander, but if you really want to know e-mail
me directly at ozzyman at vnet dot net) they said that a brochure with all the info
I wanted was in route.

BUT.. The note went on to say that Domes were just a fad 20 years ago, that they
don't work, "despite what the proponets say", that they "enclose a lot of space
that you can't use because it is so poorly shaped" and a lot of other less than
flattering things about domes.

Well, it got my ire up a little and I sent back a rather long "your'e full of crap 
and here is why" type message.  I never got lewd or rude but I did counter several
of his points, rather well I thought.  

He then sent me back another letter telling me that in a few years I would be in 
the poor house, looking back while living in a leaky dome with no useable space and
wishing I had listened to him.

Now I ask the group, what the devil set him off?  All I did was ask for info on his
product and he goes into a terrade about how Only an idiot would want to use it for
a dome.  

Have the rest of you encountered this more militant form of "domes suck syndrome"?


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