Re: thoughts on domes and markets

> Have the rest of you encountered this more militant form of
> "domes suck syndrome"?

Absolutely.  I am on a homestead list and there's a guy on the list who 
is a veritable cornucopia of information on all sorts of building 
techniques.  But he hates domes.  He adamantly believes that they are 
ugly, weak, inferior, and inherently leaky.  He apparently bases this on 
a single dome experience - some friends of his built a dome in the '70s 
and apparently it leaked like a sieve and was a total loss.  I think it 
can safely be said that there were a lot of poorly designed, poorly 
constructed domes that went up in that time period, but that's no reason 
to tar ALL domes.

He does, however, absolutly LOVE the monolithic domes (concrete shell 
domes) which are expensive and extremely difficult for the 
do-it-yourselfer to build (I'd say impossible for me personally).

Another guy I know has recently read a book called "A pattern Language" 
and has come away with the idea that domes are miserable pieces of shit 
that will turn their inhabitants in to miserable troglodytes - among 
other things he says that domes are nearly impossible to light (DUH!  
Well, maybe if you don't build in any windows!)  He also thinks that 
people are genetically inclined to live in boxes, another idea he 
apparently got from the above book.

Outside of the people on this and the other dome list, I don't know 
ANYONE who doesn't think I'm insane at worst and foolish at best (and 
probably both) for trying to build my own dome, from scratch yet, not 
even from a kit.

Holly ;-D

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