Re: Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

Picking up my earlier thread:  I'm personally not
particularly interested in living in any of the 
domes on the market today.  

I'm looking foward to something closer to what 
Bucky Fuller dreamed about, from the aerospace 
lineage, not really from the post and lintel home 
builders tradition at all (the Witchita House 
came from an aircraft hanger).

I don't want to play "this old house" games with 
my dome, making frequent trips to Builders Square,
using spackle and caulking to putter the day away.  

I want to be able to assemble it (or just set it 
down) on rough terrain (tripod legs adjustable), 
plug it into the internet, polarize its windows 
(for darkness), and download update patches to its
controlling software kernel from some high tech 
after-market website.

I will be comfortable, programming in Java (and 
drinking it) even though there's an arctic, howling 
gale-force wind just outside.


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