Re: thoughts on domes and markets

Shane wrote:
>......... What suggestions can the readers of this list
>offer to address the issue of impacting the mass market?

Foremost on my mind is sculpture. We should know that mass marketing uses
art at every critical step. While i love Bucky's contributions, i think
mass marketing domes needs more artistic and cultural varieties.

Every world continent seems to have ancient dome examples within it's
traditions. These could be drawn upon for marketing to the many traditional
folks.  On the futurist side, plenty of artwork exists for the domes which
giant companies could make possible today. Just the wasted capital in junk
food packaging alone, could have started a better housing industry, even
using the same wasted minerals. And life could have tasted better with home
cooked food, better packaged too, bon apetite!

While waiting for a panacea of futurist bliss, we may have to make due with
jury rigging the home building scene through 2001. One more approach to
concrete structuring may be viewed at . (BTW: some links are
presently missing). Chances are that if more variety is added to
curvilinear housing, then people will sway the market naturally.

As for CAD-CAM, (computer aided design - computer aided machine), i dare to
project that mass production may evolve beyond centralized factories. It is
altogether possible that construction methods may simply evolve with
integral use of computer guided hand tools. It might be too much to expect
the housing industry and it's workforce to drop out in one step. But
connecting computers to work site equipment while throwing out the blue
prints, might just work out harmoniously, and to human advantage.

Slogan?... Turn guided missiles into quided hand tools!
bo atkinson

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